If your garage burns down and damages or destroys your vehicle, it may be a little confusing regarding who pays for what. The car was in your garage, which is part of your home, so your home insurance pays for it, right? But cars have their own insurance, so is it your auto insurance who pays for the damage? Read on to find out what to do if your vehicle is damaged in a garage fire.

When all or part of your home catches fire and some of your property is destroyed, it’s usually covered by your homeowners insurance. However, with automobiles, it’s often a different story. A lot of homeowners insurance policies specifically state that your vehicle is an exception, and your homeowners insurance policy will not pay to repair or replace it. As long as the cause of the fire was covered by your home insurance, you should be able to file a claim and have your insurance company pay for damages to other personal items in your garage. So, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the damages to your vehicle, but your auto insurance does, right?

Yes and no.

Simply having auto insurance doesn’t mean you will be able to file a claim with your insurer to repair or replace your vehicle. You need to have the right kind of auto insurance, and it’s is called comprehensive coverage. 

Comprehensive auto insurance is optional, and you’ll only acquire it if you specifically purchase a comprehensive auto insurance policy. When buying auto insurance, a lot of people go for liability insurance and collision insurance – both of which can provide you with great protection if you get into an accident and need to repair your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle as well. When your vehicle is damaged in a situation other than an accident on the road is when comprehensive auto insurance comes into play. A comprehensive policy will provide coverage in a wide variety of alternative situations, including vandalism, theft, weather, and more.

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