Sometimes, first-time auto insurance shoppers can misunderstand what their insurance plan is meant to do. Basically, auto insurance is designed to cover damage incurred when your vehicle is in a collision or from some other source, such as weather or poor road conditions. Just how much coverage you have and which damage sources are covered will depend on what type of auto insurance policy you buy.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance typically covers repairs to another person’s vehicle or property if you are involved in a collision in which you are at-fault. If you cause an accident or crash into someone’s property, your liability insurance will only damages to the other party’s property and their medical bills only.

Collision Insurance
The next step up for car insurance policies is collision insurance. When you have collision insurance and get into an accident, the cost to repair your car will be covered. With both collision and liability insurance, getting into an accident shouldn’t cost you anything out-of-pocket (outside of your deductible) provided you have enough coverage.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance
Ah, comprehensive auto insurance – the pinnacle of protection. A comprehensive auto insurance policy provides the most coverage in the widest variety of circumstances. Whether your car is damaged in a collision, from falling debris, or from inclement weather conditions, your comprehensive policy will almost assuredly cover the cost of repairs.

So, About those Brakes…
Whether or not your auto insurance will cover new brakes depends on what ruined your old ones. If your brakes are damaged due to getting into a collision or from one of the covered causes on your comprehensive policy, then yes, your auto insurance will cover the cost of repairing/replacing your brakes. However, if your brakes (or any other part of your car) is damaged from normal wear and tear, then your insurance company will not cover the repair/replacement cost.

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