Here in Southern California most of us have little fear of inclement weather. It doesn’t rain or snow often, and when it does, it’s typically light. There are a few areas, though, where it does snow often, leading to very dangerous driving conditions. Plus, parts of Southern California have been known to experience the freak rain storm now and again. When bad weather shows up, auto accidents tend to spike as a result – especially in places where motorists aren’t used to driving in those conditions. As a result, it’s good to know whether or not your auto insurance covers weather-related collisions, even if you don’t often experience bad weather.

Whether or not your auto insurance covers weather-related accidents will depend on the type of auto insurance policy you have, as well as any specific exclusions that exist on the policy. Some discount policies offer no weather coverage at all, while others provide very limited coverage. More robust policies, like comprehensive auto insurance, tend to include weather-related accidents on the policy.

When an auto insurance policy does cover weather-related accidents, it usually stipulates that you have to be driving safely for the accident to be covered. For example, if you were tailgating someone or speeding at the time the accident occurred (even if it wasn’t your fault), you’ll probably find that your auto insurance won’t protect you. If yours was the only car involved in the accident, it’s even more important to be driving safely. In a single-car accident, insurance companies often pin the fault on the driver, making it more difficult to file a claim that the accident occurred due to weather.

Last but not least, the insurance company will want to make sure you weren’t driving negligently at the time of the accident. Negligent driving can include things like driving when you’re not supposed to (when you’ve been warned to stay off the road by the police) or driving in an area that isn’t safe (such as over a frozen body of water).

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