Santa Clarita has a lot of tract housing. If you’re not  sure what that is, it’s when multiple similar-looking homes are built on a single tract of land that’s been subdivided into individual lots. While the architecture can differ somewhat in tract housing neighborhoods, more often than not, all of the houses look very similar and feature nearly identical floor plans. However, just because your Santa Clarita home looks just like your neighbor’s Santa Clarita home, it doesn’t mean you’re both going to pay the same for homeowner’s insurance.

Size Matters

Multiple floor plans are used in some tract housing neighborhoods so that every house doesn’t look exactly the same. With different floor plans comes different square footage, and generally speaking, the more square footage your home has, the more you’ll pay to insure it.

Claim History

The more claims you file with your homeowner’s insurance company, the higher your premium will rise to reflect the increased risk in insuring your home. Unfortunately, this is true even if it was the previous residents – not you – who filed the claim. Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance premium will be increased based on previous owners’ claims can vary from insurer to insurer. Generally, insurance companies will charge the new owner of a home a little more for their insurance premium if a claim has filed in the past 7 years. 

Marital Status

Married people usually pay more for homeowner’s insurance than single or divorced people do. If your neighbor’s marital status is different from yours, then odds are their home insurance premium is too.

The physical state of a home is only one of many factors that home insurance companies use to determine what the insurance premium will be. Just because you and your neighbor’s homes look the same doesn’t mean you’ll pay the same insurance premiums.

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