Santa Clarita homeowners insurance shoppers want to get the most “bang for their buck” when it comes to their insurance policy. It’s a common desire, and certainly isn’t limited to home owners in the Santa Clarita Valley. However, for those who do live within the confines of Santa Clarita, that finding the best homeowners insurance policy is going to depend on a variety of factors which will need to be taken into account.


A big determining factor regarding homeowners insurance value is going to be the location where the home sits. If it’s in or near an area at high-risk for brush fires, then home owners need to know that the typical homeowners insurance policy isn’t going to provide them with all the coverage that they need; they will also need to purchase wildfire insurance.

Age of the Home

In Santa Clarita, some of the homes were built decades ago, while others were built just last year. Older homes usually have older materials that are more likely to cause problems. Plumbing is a huge factor here, as old pipes tend to rust, burst, or crack which will inevitably lead to an insurance claim filed by the owner.

Contents of the Home

Every homeowners insurance policy comes with coverage that will provide protection for the home owner’s personal belongings that are inside the house. Homeowners insurance policies will vary in the amount of coverage they offer, so people who own expensive furniture, appliances, and/or other things like televisions and stereos may want to look into a policy that provides a higher level of coverage. However, if there will be any exceptionally valuable items in the home, such as jewelry, expensive artwork, antiques, or anything else of value that the typical homeowner wouldn’t have, then that home owner will need one or more riders tacked on to their general policy, since the coverage limits for general policies won’t cover the value of these items.

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