Realtors who use drones need to adhere to the rules

Realtors who use drones need to adhere to the rules

Drones have become an effective tool in the world of real estate.

Using drones, Realtors can help sellers showcase their homes in a way that wasn’t possible before. They’re particularly useful when you’re showcasing large, sprawling properties. They can provide sweeping views of the entire property, or zoom in tight to highlight specific features of the home, whether it’s the landscaping, driveway or that water fountain out front.

But Realtors who use these unmanned aircraft systems need to ensure that their drone operators are compliant with current FAA laws and that they carry the correct general and professional liability insurance. Pilots must be certified and they must carry a license that’s known as Part #107.

Drone operators are also encouraged to wear brightly colored, reflective vests while operating their drones. The vests should have wording on the back identifying each operator as a remote pilot, visual observer or crew member. The wording could be something like “Drone Pilot Please Do Not Disturb,” “Drone Pilot Stand Clear“ or simply “Drone Pilot” so others won’t distract the operator.

The FAA can fine an operator or Realtor up to $5,000 for not following the laws, so pay attention!

Privacy is another big issue. It’s best to get a release from nearby neighbors before you post photos online. A new MLS form called Property Images Agreement is now available. This is a contract between the photographer and the Realtor and it ensures that the Realtor owns the photos. So make sure this contract is in place.
This information mainly targets Realtors. But if you are selling your home and your Realtor is using a drone to showcase your property you should check to make sure the rules are being followed.
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