Whether you’re living in Santa Clarita or Pine Mountain Club and Frazier Park,  you have lots of options regarding your level of coverage when you buy homeowners or condo insurance.

You can get personal liability limits of $100,000, $300,000 or $500,000. That will provide coverage in the event that someone comes onto your property and gets seriously injured. Maybe you have a bad crack in your walkway that causes someone to trip and fall. That could easily lead to medical bills totalling hundreds — or even housands of dollars.


Or you might have a reclining lawn chair that suddenly collapses, causing a guest to hit their head on your concrete patio. These kinds of incidents might seem random, but they can happen at any time. And they often come out of nowhere.

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But what about slander and libel ? How does your current homeowners or condo policy cover that? Most people don’t associate defamation lawsuits with homeowners insurance, but it can crop up. It falls under the category of personal injury. And remember this: You have to include personal injury as a separate add-on to your homeowners or condo policy in order to be protected. 

Here’s an example. Suppose you go onto Facebook and rag on your neighbor for something you thought he did. And suppose you later find out your accusation isn’t true. Well, that leaves the door open for him to sue you. And if you don’t have personal injury coverage you could be in a heap of trouble.

So the next time you renew your insurance check to see if you have adequate personal injury coverage. It can make a difference!

Photo by Jason Howie