We’re living in a world of social media.

Online sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have created a platform where we can share experiences, vacation photos, cat videos, likes, dislikes … and virtually anything else you could imagine.

Unfortunately, these sites have also given rise to character attacks, and some of them amount to slander. Don’t believe it? Check out the back-and-forth political attacks that are cropping up in the news almost every day.

Better yet, consider tech billionaire Elon Musk’s recent online attack on a British diver. After the diver criticized a submarine Musk had built to help with the rescue of the soccer players who were stranded in a cave in Thailand, Musk called the diver a derogatory term.

It landed Musk in plenty of hot water. 

The posts were later deleted and Musk apologized. But by then the attack had reverberated well beyond the confines of social media. The news spooked investors and contributed to a slide in the stock price of Tesla, Musk’s electric car company.

The point is, we all need to be careful what we say about others on social media websites. And the best way to protect yourself – other than to never say anything bad about someone else – is to add personal injury to your liability insurance coverage. This is important because personal injury  generally doesn’t come with liability insurance, so it needs to be added on.

Don’t find youself in a sticky situation because of something stupid you said! Make sure you add personal injury to your liability coverage.

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