When you own a vacation home, you’re likely to face different risks than your primary residence, and your homeowner’s insurance policy needs to reflect that.

Generally, the homeowner’s insurance policy you buy for your vacation home is going to provide similar protection to the policy on your dwelling. However, there are certain factors that may impact your insurance costs.

Environmental Dangers

Depending on where your vacation home is located, it could face certain environmental dangers that your primary residence does not. A vacation home in the mountains is going to face a much higher risk of wildfire damage than your primary residence located in a city or suburb. That being the case, you will need to buy wildfire insurance in addition to your regular homeowner’s insurance policy.

The Property Itself

The age of your vacation home and the materials it’s constructed from will definitely impact your home insurance premium. If your vacation home is built from more expensive materials (marble, granite, fine wood, etc.) it’s important that your total coverage is adequate to replace them.


Does your vacation home have a pool or a hot tub? These are two common amenities that can end up costing you if something should happen. If something on your property runs the risk of injuring someone, you may want to buy homeowner’s insurance with robust liability coverage.

Owning a vacation home can be a wonderful experience, and keeping it properly insured is paramount. If you have any questions or concerns about homeowner’s insurance, give Carol a call at 661-803-3803 or stop by InsuranceSCV.com for a FREE quote!