The fires that have ravaged Southern California in recent days have destroyed hundreds of homes and forced many residents to seek shelter in evacuation centers.

The shock of being displaced from their homes and the realization that most – if not all – of their  belongings are gone is a hard pill to swallow. Many have lost photos, family heirlooms and other personal items that can never be replaced.

But amid all of this tragedy there is at least one silver lining – and that’s the fact that their homeowner’s policies will allow them to rebuild their homes – assuming that the correct policy forms were written, along with adequate coverage limits.  In most cases, the deductible for a home that has been destroyed by a wildfire is from $1,000 to $2500. In the scheme of things, that’s not much to pay for being able to rebuild your home.

Most of us don’t think much about our homeowner’s insurance coverage until something of this magnitude comes up. But it does highlight the fact that home insurance is vitally important – and invaluable in times like this.

And a word of advice: It pays to keep a detailed inventory of all of your personal belongings. That will help your insurer to better gauge the total replacement costs for the damage.

These fires were certainly unwelcome – particularly with the holidays here and New Year’s just right around the corner, but it’s good to know that these people will be able to rebuild. And let’s hope that the fire season in the coming year will be less destructive.

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Photo by Morgan Maasen