A real estate agent serves their clients in many capacities, one of which is being their go-to source for information concerning home ownership – including homeowners insurance. While your job doesn’t necessarily require you to be an expert on insurance, the ability to direct your clients to the information they’re looking for can be invaluable. Here are a few handy tips to help you out:

  • Do a little research on your own and provide your clients with a general breakdown of the various types of homeowners insurance available and direct them to an agent who can answer any further questions in detail.
  • Know which exclusions the home is likely to be subject to and let your clients know about them.
  • Make sure your clients know if the home is in a high-risk area, what type of risk they face, and what type(s) of policies they’ll need to ask an insurance agent about to keep their home protected.
  • Explain the difference between replacement cost, market value, and actual cash value to your clients. The state of the home and the market in which it’s located will have a big impact on which type of coverage is best for your clients. Knowing the differences between them will help put your clients in a more knowledgeable place when it comes to speaking with an insurance agent about a home insurance policy.
  • Last but not least, work with a trusted local insurance agent directly. After giving your clients the information mentioned above, providing them with a number to call with any further questions or to purchase a home insurance policy is the final step.

As mentioned above, a real estate agent doesn’t need to be an expert on homeowners insurance to provide excellent service to their clients. A little general information and direction should be more than enough to keep them happy.

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