Falling Trees and Home Insurance – Are You Covered?

Falling Trees and Home Insurance – Are You Covered?

IMG_5741 (1)High winds can be dangerous, especially when they cause a tree to fall on your property. When a bough, or the tree itself, hits your home, the damage can run the gamut from cosmetic to catastrophic depending on a variety of factors. If you have trees near your home, you may want to take a look at your home insurance policy and see what kind of coverage you’ve got.

Many home insurance policies provide coverage in the event a tree falls and damages one of the insured structures, but that coverage only goes so far. If a tree falls due to high winds, you’re probably covered. If the tree falls due to neglect, though, you may have to come out of pocket for any damages.

When a tree falls and damages a structure, your home insurance should pay for the removal and disposal of the tree, as well as repairs to the damaged structure (minus your deductible). Interestingly, if the tree falls and does not do any damage to one of the insured structures, then your homeowner’s insurance may very well not cover the cost of removal.

If you don’t have any trees on your property, but your neighbor does, you may want to review your home insurance policy to make sure that you’re covered regardless of who owns the tree. Some policies will only cover trees that are on the holder’s property, while others will cover damages no matter who owns it. Knowing the specifics can help keep you safe if your neighbor’s tree falls and hits your property – particularly if it happens due to neglect.

If you’re not sure whether or not your home insurance policy covers you in the event of a falling tree damaging your home, or you would like to buy home insurance that does, stop on by our Santa Clarita insurance office or give Carol a call at 661-803-3803 for a free quote.