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Here’s something to think about – shop and compare.

That says a lot when you go looking for auto insurance. And when you deal with Carol Smith and Insurance SCV, you’ll get the best rates and the best coverage that fits your specific needs.

Did you know that someone in the U.S. dies in a car accident every 15 minutes? That’s about as long as it takes to brush your teeth and get dressed in the morning. The thing is, you don’t want to be among those statistics. But less serious accidents can still wreak havoc with your life in terms of medical bills, time off work and all the other things that come with it.

That’s why it pays to make sure you have comprehensive auto coverage – coverage to cover yourself and whoever else is involved in the accident. Call Carol Smith of Insurance SCV. Carol deals with a variety of insurance companies, so she can find the perfect coverage that best suits your needs – at a price that makes sense. Call Carol at 661- 803-3803.