Carol Smith of InsuranceSCV can handle all of your insurance needs. Call her at 661-803-3803.

When was the last time you nearly avoided a collision in your car?

If you’re like most people, it probably happened within the past year. Maybe even within the last week. This is not to say that we are careless drivers, but it does reveal the fact that there are LOTS OF DRIVERS out there on the road and an auto accident could happen at any time — to any one of us.

It might not be a serious accident. Could be a simple fender bender, or maybe an all-out wreck that leaves you in the hospital with some serious bills to pay. The point is, you never know when or where it might happen.

That’s why it pays to make sure your coverage suits your specific needs. That’s where InsuranceSCV comes in. Carol Smith of InsuranceSCV can ensure that you get the best coverage possible at a rate that won’t break the bank.

Carol deals with a variety of insurers including Travelers, MetLife, The Hartford and Mercury Insurance Group. So she can offer a lot more choices than if you were dealing with just one of those companies.

So whether you’re in need of homeowners, auto, condo, renters or business coverage, she can find the coverage that best suits your specific needs. And she’ll offer it at the most competitive price! Carol also offers RV insurance and life insurance. 

Call Carol for all of your insurance needs at 661-803-3803.