When it comes to business insurance, you’ve got a lot of options; what you end up buying will largely depend on what type of business you own and how large it is. While it’s entirely possible to buy business insurance policies à la carte, choosing to buy a business owner policy instead will combine your business property and business liability insurance into one handy-dandy package.

A business owner policy isn’t for everyone, but it should be considered by those who:

  • Have a physical location for their business (home, office, or brick and mortar location)
  • Through conducting your business, you have a chance of being sued. Ex: a client gets injured during a personal training session
  • You have assets that could be damaged or stolen (cash, property, data, furniture, etc.)

Purchasing a business owner policy will simplify your business liability and business property insurance policies by combining what would otherwise be two separate policies into one. Doing so can not only save you money but also make sure that your business is covered in the event of a fire, lawsuits, theft, and loss of income.

A typical business owner policy will include coverage for:

  • Business Income
  • General Liability and
  • Commercial Property

However, business owner policies are not one-size-fits-all, and other insurance policies, such as data breach protection, can be added to it depending on your business’ specific needs. With all of the costs associated with running a business, being able to concentrate most of your insurance into one convenient business owner policy can make things much easier while saving you money.

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